Chinaplas 2023 has come to a successful end, see you in Shanghai next year!

On April 20, 2023, CHINAPLAS2023 successfully concluded at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The 4-day exhibition was extremely popular, and overseas visitors returned in large numbers. The exhibition hall presented a thriving scene.


During the exhibition, numerous domestic and foreign customers gathered to have in-depth communication with our sales personnel, and the two sides established a good cooperative relationship.


After three years of cold winter caused by the epidemic, foreign customers have also been able to come to China to participate, and old customers have come to negotiate new business and explore new markets, hoping that the business of new and old customers will also become better and better. We are so glad that those customers from Russia, Pakistan, India, Mongolia, Vietnam, Brazil and other countries come to our exhibition to discuss new cooperation projects with us. And also they are very happy to come to China again.


Domestic old customers are also delighted to come to our booth to discuss new cooperation opportunities. At the same time, many old customers have returned orders at the exhibition to expand production scale. New customers come to look for new business opportunities. The market is a thriving scene.Everyone is very excited. After three years of the epidemic, it seems that everything has returned to normal. Everyone is full of expectations and hope for this year’s market.Many customers are very interested in the current new energy products and solar membrane equipment, following the pace of the times, exploring new projects, and looking for products with good development prospects.


Thank you to all old and new friends for their trust and support
Thank you also to the Nuoda family for their efforts and dedication.
See you in Shanghai next year!

Post time: Oct-24-2023